Further Information Interactive MAP Guideline

The MAP Guideline has been published in the Clinical and Translational Allergy Journal, and highlighted in the British Journal of General Practice.

Venter C, Brown T, Shah N, Walsh J, Fox AT. Diagnosis and management of non-IgE-mediated cow's milk allergy in infancy – a UK primary care practical guide. Clin Transl Allergy 2013;3(1):23. Available at: http://www.ctajournal.com/content/3/1/23

Walsh J, Venter C, Brown T, Shah N and Fox AT. A practical approach for UK primary care on the management of cow’s milk allergy in infants. Br J Gen Pract 2014;64 (618):48-49. Available at: http://bjgp.org/content/64/618/48.full

Clinical guideline CG116.


A summary of selected new evidence relevant to NICE clinical guideline 116 ‘Diagnosis and assessment of food allergy in children and young people in primary care and community settings’ (2011).


Information for parents or carers of a child or young person (up to their 19th birthday) who has symptoms or signs that could suggest a food allergy. 


The College's care pathway for food allergy is presented in two parts:

1) An algorithm with the stages of ideal care, and
2) A set of competencies required to diagnose, treat and optimally manage anaphylaxis


The British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology is the national, professional and academic society which represents the specialty of allergy at all levels. Its aim is to improve the management of allergies and related diseases of the immune system in the United Kingdom, through education, training and research. 


Allergy UK is the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK.


This website is a source of information for parents, including information on cow’s milk allergy, how to identify the symptoms and how to deal with this condition.


This website provides resources to help healthcare professionals advise parents regarding CMA and feeding including information, articles, videos and downloadable literature.


Information for healthcare professionals on the Neocate range and CMA.


My Neocate is a support site for the parents of babies and children with cow’s milk allergy who are currently taking a product from the Neocate range under the supervision of a Healthcare Professional.